Blockchain Association launches Privacy and User Data Working Group

The Blockchain Association is pleased to launch its Privacy and User Data Working Group, which will seek to educate the policy-making community about the privacy and security benefits blockchain applications could provide consumers. Jack Gavigan, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Electric Coin Company, chairs the working group.

Mainstream adoption of the internet has revolutionized how people learn, communicate, and do business. It has catalyzed a wave of innovation and economic development in the United States while connecting people in new, valuable ways.

Over the last decade, however, the shortcomings of our current system have become obvious: endless data breaches, degradations of user privacy, opaque business practices, and lack of data ownership for users have plagued the internet economy and soured consumers’ relationships with internet-based companies around the world.

Blockchain applications enable the creation of a new internet infrastructure founded on consumer privacy, data security, and user ownership, creating a more inclusive, secure, private, and convenient internet experience for the benefit of all Americans.

As legislators in the United States grapple with data privacy concerns and consumers reevaluate how and when they share their data with online services, the Privacy and User Data Working Group will coordinate educational efforts to explain the privacy and security benefits of blockchain applications and lead industry efforts to drive their adoption in the United States.

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